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Crowdfunding Academy

Get tips, strategies, and coaching to tell your story in the best way possible.

Premium Support
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Want to crowdfund confidently?

With premium support you'll work directly with experts to design the most compelling crowdfunding campaign.

Recurring Crowdfunding
Academy recurring cf

What is recurring crowdfunding?

Unlike the all-or-nothing campaigns we’re known for, recurring crowdfunding allows you to collect ongoing monthly pledges.

Good Hustle
Academy goodhustle

Ready to trade the daily grind for the Good Hustle?

Good Hustle is a 10 week program to help you design a purpose driven business.

Crowdfunding Launchpad
Academy launchpad

Ready to raise more funds, better?

Launchpad is a 4 week group coaching program and project accelerator to help you create (and launch!) your awesome crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding 101
Academy cf 101

Brand new to crowdfunding?

Take our FREE 5 part, self-paced email course and we'll guide you through the essentials of crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding Masterclass
Academy masterclass

Ready to deep dive on crowdfunding strategy?

Check out our 3 hour masterclass with CEO Tom Dawkins to learn how to run a successful cause crowdfunding campaign.

The Social Enterprise Formula
Academy social enterprise formula

Curious about how to design and launch a social enterprise?

This free webinar demystifies what a social enterprise is, why the movement is growing and what it takes to get launch ready.

#StartingGood Summit
Academy summit

Need fuel for your changemaker journey?

Get access to world-class social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and thought leaders through our annual Summit.

Academy watch

Love to learn through video?

Check out our YouTube channel to hear from our CEO, Support Team, and some of our most successful entrepreneurs.

Academy events

Keen to learn from us live?

We run masterclasses, workshops, and webinars. Check out our latest events - we can't wait to meet you soon!

Academy read

Want to learn about news and tips related to crowdfunding?

Hop over to our blog for new opportunities, how-to articles, and fresh insights for socially-minded crowdfunders and entrepreneurs.

The 5 Cs of Crowdfunding
Academy 5cs

Don't know what the 5 Cs are?

It's our proven formula for successful crowdfunding. You'll want this checklist with you when creating your campaign!

Grow It E-book
Academy growit

Are you a food startup looking to launch or scale?

You'll love our FREE Food entrepreneurs' Guide to Crowdfunding!

How They Did It
Academy how they did it

Want to discover what successful crowdfunding really takes?

Gain inspiration, tips, and ideas from these inspiring case studies. This is an insider's guide to successful crowdfunding at its best!