Launchpad is a 4 week group coaching program and project accelerator to help you create (and launch!) your awesome crowdfunding campaign.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $177 / or $107 early bird special

Early bird is valid until 8 days before the start of the course.

Need money to kick off your amazing social impact project? Ready to gain the support, tools and expertise to create a great crowdfunding campaign?

Then the Crowdfunding Launchpad is for you!

Crowdfunding Launchpad starts the first Wednesday of every month.



Work directly with StartSomeGood’s Crowdfunding Gurus and learn from the people behind the platform with the highest success rate in cause crowdfunding.

At StartSomeGood we have worked with thousands of fundraisers over the years: B-corps, NGOs, non-profits, community groups and social entrepreneurs. We get you. We get the vision you have for changing the world, and we have spent years testing and evaluating the strategies that are the hallmarks of successful cause-based crowdfunding.

Did you know that 75% of Crowdfunding Campaigns fail? Many brilliant people with amazing projects make avoidable mistakes when it comes to crowdfunding, simply because they don’t know any better. This is exactly why you want the best in the biz in your corner, coaching you on the proven strategies, hard work, focus and courage that accompany successful crowdfunding campaigns.



1) How to Apply StartSomeGood’s “5Cs of Crowdfunding” to Your Project: In order to succeed, your campaign must have: Clarity, Credibility, Community, Channels and, you’re going to personally need a whole lot of Courage! Know which of the 5 C’s are your strong points (and how to leverage them) and which are your growth points, so you can bring more focus, support and resources to these areas to create a campaign that excites and mobilizes the highest number of donors.

2) Storytelling: Craft a clear, compelling message that resonates with the values, needs and desires of your prospective donors and most importantly- motivates them to pledge! Storytelling is the heart of cause-based crowdfunding; learn how to do it well and it will benefit you for years to come.

3) How to Avoid the Biggest Crowdfunding Mistakes. 75% of campaigns fail because people think there is an anonymous crowd waiting to donate – FALSE! Use our “Tribes” & “Personas” exercises to understand how you can leverage your storytelling to engage your community and connect with different stakeholder groups.

4) What Motivators Donors + The Power of Rewards: Understand the importance of rewards, as they relate to the 4 Key Donor Motivations. Work with your Crowdfunding Coach to create irresistible rewards that excite your donors and relate specifically to your project.

5) How Much Can You Raise: Use our goal setting formula to calculate a realistic and ambitious fundraising target for your campaign. Learn why an “all or nothing” tipping point enables you to raise 4 x more than “keep what you raise”.

6) Outreach Strategy: You’re not only crowdfunding to raise money, you’re doing it to mobilize a community of supporters who want to be a part of the change you are creating in the world. When the time comes to tell the people about your amazing project, you don't want to launch to the sound of crickets, right? You’re going to need a targeted marketing and outreach strategy that builds momentum and excitement for your campaign- even before you launch.


  1. The 5 Cs of Crowdfunding Webinar with one of Australia’s leading cause crowdfunding experts- our CEO and Co-Founder Tom Dawkins. Get insider access to the proven strategies that have enabled StartSomeGood to become the #1 cause crowdfunding platform, with the highest project success rate of 53% (compared to 11% on similar platforms)

  2. A goal tracking schedule, sent to you each week for 4 weeks by your Crowdfunding Coach, to help you stay focused as you create your campaign for knockout success.

  3. LIVE Coaching Calls each week (Wednesdays). The calls are recorded and you can submit questions beforehand for us to respond to on the call. Over 4 weeks we follow a structure that covers: storytelling, the 5 Cs of crowdfunding, goal setting, rewards (including fulfilment), tribes and personas, video creation, outreach strategy and more!

  4. Personalized feedback on your campaign from your dedicated Crowdfunding Coach, and 24 hour support while your campaign is live.

  5. Access to our signature crowdfunding masterclass on Udemy. Three hours of video content and worksheets, jam packed with our best digital strategies so you can master crowdfunding. Worth $50.

  6. PLUS we will pledge $50 to your campaign on the day you launch (provided you launch within two weeks of the program finishing.

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I’m not ready for Launchpad just yet, will you be running Crowdfunding Launchpad again?

Yes. StartSomeGood’s Crowdfunding Launchpad commences on the first Wednesday of each month.

How many people per group?

Launchpad is a highly limited group program. We accept a maximum of 10 projects per group to provide personalized support and feedback.

How many hours per week should I set aside to create my campaign and do the Launchpad program?

To begin, you'll want to set aside 4 hours to watch the Crowdfunding Masterclasses. Then to be on target to launch your crowdfunding campaign in 4-6 weeks, you'll want to set aside 3-4 hours per week to work on your campaign plus 1 hour to attend or watch the replay of the weekly coaching call. Schedule the time to do the work and you'll be able to create a fantastic crowdfunding campaign in the time allocated, AND get the $50 bonus donation from us when you launch within 6 weeks of the program start date.

I am not 100% sure of my project yet? Will Launchpad work for me?

You will get the most out of Crowdunding Launchpad if you come with a project in mind. That said, you if you have a few ideas and are trying to choose which is the right fit for crowdfunding, the Launchpad process will help you do this.

What is StartSomeGood’s fee?

Our service fee only applies for successful campaigns, it's 5% of what you raise, the industry standard.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we are confident Launchpad provides excellent value for money, so we are prepared to let you try it out and if it does not meet your expectations, we will happily give you your money back.

Note on Refunds: Refunds must be claimed within 10 days of program beginning. Refunds are not provided for “change of mind”. You must provide evidence you have participated in at least the first week of the program by submitting completed worksheets or having attended the group call, along with a written statement of exactly how the program failed to meet your expectations, and we will happily refund, you minus a $25USD admin fee.

Can I participate in Launchpad with my team?

Launchpad works best when you have just 1 or 2 key contacts participating in the program. Of course you can feedback to your team what you learn.

Can I get personal phone calls with my Crowdfunding Coach?

Launchpad calls are all group calls, only. If you are interested in personalized phone support take a look at our Premium Support Packages here, starting at $500.

Can’t you just build my campaign for me? I’m happy to pay you.

With Launchpad we provide the information and you’ll need to do the work yourself. If you want our team to create your campaign for you, take a look at our Premium Support Packages here.

Don’t let your dreams gather dust, now is the time to … Raise the Funds You Need to Start Some GOOD!

Launchpad kicks off the first Wednesday of every month and our crowdfunding coaches are ready and waiting to work with YOU!

If you want a more personalized experience involving your whole team and starting whenever you're ready, check out our Premium Support options from $500.