Meet the StartSomeGood Leadership Team

Tom Dawkins - Co-Founder and CEO

Tom Dawkins is an experienced social entrepreneur, having founded several non-profits and social enterprises before co-founding StartSomeGood in 2010. Tom is Australian and has lived and worked in Washington DC and San Francisco, returning to Sydney to start his family in 2012. Before StartSomeGood he founded Australian youth non-profit Vibewire, opened the first co-working space in Australia, was the first Digital Communications Director at Ashoka in Washington DC and was the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. Tom has organized dance parties and film festivals, youth journalism projects and new media conferences, co-working spaces and Burning Man theme camps and has supported numerous non-profits, governments and arts organizations to refine their story and build their community. Tom has been recognized with awards and fellowships from the World Summit Youth Awards, The International Youth Foundation, Nexus Summit and the Social Enterprise Awards and is a global speaker on social innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a Director of the Centre for Social Impact and the Social Enterprise Council of NSW and the ACT (SECNA).

Renata van Diest - Co-Founder and CTO

Renata is the Chief Technology Officer at StartSomeGood, and is in charge of all things tech. Previously she worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft in Seattle, and she has worked with several tech startups in the London, UK area on tech and business strategy. She is passionate about businesses that combine technology with a social mission in order to improve people's lives. Renata has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington in Seattle, and an MBA from London Business School. Renata has lived, worked and studied in the US, the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands, and has traveled to more than 50 countries on all 7 continents. She is an avid travel photographer and also loves snowboarding, kayaking, sailing, and trekking, and most of all going on adventures with her Pittie mix rescue pup, Shorty.

Simon Keefe - Co-Founder and GM

Simon has always had a passion for teams, both large and small. As Head of Engineering for Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk, he steered the development of the product to be its fastest growing at the time, increased the team to twice its size while ensuring Atlassian’s famous values and culture scaled with it. Since then, he went on to be technical director for’s Web team (everything consumer-facing across three distinct brands), transforming the team morale, engineering maturity and ensured that the teams had a mission to aim for. Inspired by the growing shift for social impact, Simon has spent time as CTO at a social enterprise fintech called Beckon Capital, and has now jumped aboard StartSomeGood to help drive their mission for good to even greater success. In his down time, Simon’s passions are writing, live music, theatre, geek-outs with board games and exploring this enormous country with his beautiful, sweet Lagotto pooch, Mac.

Ayush Jain - Crowdfunding Coach

Ayush works at the intersection of entrepreneurship and social change as a Crowdfunding Coach at StartSomeGood, where he empowers and supports social entrepreneurs making a difference in their community. In his previous role at SPARK Deakin, he helped run an accelerator program and curated events to connect students to the booming startup ecosystem in Melbourne. Ayush has lived, studied and worked in major international cities such as Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney. He has also worked on projects with multinational corporations to startups such as the Woolworths Group, Lowe Lintas Group, State Bank of India, and Social Change Central. He is also super interested in hospitality based social enterprises and is learning about micro-franchising and the open hiring model, while also designing his own master's degree.

Katrina Crawford - Accounts Administrator

Katrina is the ‘number cruncher’ at StartSomeGood. Strangely, she enjoys refining ways to streamline financial processes and keeping the dollars in check! Prior to StartSomeGood, Katrina worked across three different career sectors that she loved including international education, international development and animal training. Katrina was fortunate to be able to work with leading organisations in microfinance from across the Asia-Pacific region. She also had the opportunity to play with puppies daily, in dog training. More recently, Katrina worked in international education where she showcased Australia to students, teachers and executives from across Asia. When she is not crunching numbers at StartSomeGood, Katrina can be found with her head in a book undertaking additional study in adult education, building a social enterprise or fighting off her kitten from surprise attacks.

Jenslie George - Digital Communications Manager

Jenslie is a pioneer in the marketing space. She started her marketing career as a marketing executive at FloralRestrict, a Melbourne-based initiative aimed at uplifting the international student community. She is driven towards helping companies and individuals reach their full potential through marketing while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. She enjoys organising and streamlining processes to ensure better efficiency. She has expertise in various sectors including real estate, education, non-for-profit and hospitality. Jenslie understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset of an organisation and is driven by an unrelentless pursuit of optimising customer interactions. Outside work, she loves dancing, volunteering and listening to music.