Recurring Crowdfunding

Introducing Recurring Crowdfunding by StartSomeGood

For the last 9 years StartSomeGood has focused on helping changemakers launch new things through crowdfunding. We don’t just provide the tech, we offer coaching and support to help emerging entrepreneurs and innovators succeed, which has resulted in us achieving the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding. We have helped thousands of projects raise millions of dollars to benefit the world and are very proud of the incredible impact our community of entrepreneurs has had, improving literally millions of lives.

And now, we’re introducing something new….


Unlike the all-or-nothing campaigns we’re known for, Recurring Crowdfunding will be ongoing, allowing you to build a reliable supporter base over time. It allows you to create a very different type of fundraising campaign, one that is focused on building a long-term community and creating a long-term impact, not just achieving an immediate fundraising goal (we’ll still help you do that through One-Time Crowdfunding campaigns of course).

Recurring Crowdfunding

Benefits of Recurring Crowdfunding

Recurring Crowdfunding is ongoing, and therefore allows you to build dedicated ongoing supporter communities, whether donors or customers. This makes it easy for community groups to host dedicated giving circles, social enterprises to offer subscription products and creative producers and community organizers to be supported longer-term.

Benefits of Recurring Crowdfunding with StartSomeGood include:

  • Easy recurring payments, processing monthly;

  • The personal support and feedback we are known for;

  • Being part of a dedicated community of impact projects and their supporters;

  • Our enthusiastic sharing to our community of more than 120,000 social media connections;

  • Using the platform with the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding;

  • Easy to set up, requiring no technical skills or experience;

  • Built on the Stripe platform, ensuring the highest levels of security;

  • Completely free to set up and use - you only pay a fee on funds successfully processed.

Which Sorts of Projects are Best for Which Model?

Does your project require a specific level of funding within a specific timeframe, such as launching a social enterprise product, setting up a community garden, doing a park clean-up or animal survey, fueling an activist campaign or holding an event? Then it’s best for One-off, All-or-Nothing Crowdfunding, which is much better for reaching a specified goal.

Do you want to build a dedicated supporter group to sustain long-term work, like maintaining a community garden, holding regular clean-ups or animal surveys or long-term community organising work? Recurring Crowdfunding suits this best.

  • Are you launching a new, one-time purchase product, like a t-shirt, food product, app, etc? One-Off Crowdfunding.

  • Offering a subscription product, like regular deliveries or a membership community? Recurring Crowdfunding.

  • Finishing or releasing a documentary feature film? One-off.

  • Launching or growing an ongoing project like a Podcast or vlog? Recurring.

Still not sure? Get in touch at [email protected].

How else can we help?

In addition to this Crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood offers a number of services and programs to support early-stage social entrepreneurs and community changemakers. Here are some other things you may be interested in: