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Why crowdfund with StartSomeGood?

Put simply, we have the highest project success rate of any crowdfunding platform as we are specialists in guiding and supporting cause and social enterprise projects. We have a depth of experience going back 11 years helping impact projects get off the ground. While crowdfunding is an incredible tool to help get your impact project off the ground it's more challenging than many people think. That’s why on most crowdfunding sites, only 10-15% of campaigns reach their target.

At StartSomeGood, we want you to succeed.

We are a social enterprise committed to supporting changemakers and impact projects to use crowdfunding as a tool for change, and we work harder to help you achieve your goals. With our support more than half the campaigns on StartSomeGood reach their target, and over 90% at our top support level. At StartSomeGood, you're a person, not a number. Every project is different so every project receives individual support and feedback. Even better, you become part of a community of people doing good, in big and small ways, all around the world. You should know that for us this isn't just a job. Your success is our purpose.

Case Studies

Radio Skid Row

Radio Skid Row raised $147,000 to survive a funding cut.


SMASH Miami raised $324,140 to build a community-owned housing block for people struggling with housing inequality and insecurity.

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation raised $103,160 in 19 days to establish a social enterprise chicken farm in Cambodia.

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