Grameen Foundation Case Study

Grameen Foundation, founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus, is well-known internationally, but in Australia they are a startup team of just three. Grameen Foundation Australia ran a chicken farm in Cambodia, and had the opportunity to expand the farm by buying up some land that had become available, but time was of the essence! They needed over $100,000, and quickly, or else someone else would buy it up. And they had never done anything like this sort of public crowdfunding campaign before, and were intimidated by the goal and uncertainty of how to start.

We worked with them to craft and refine their pitch, identify key partners and outreach strategies, and implement a campaign that ultimately raised $103,000 in just 19 days! You can read all about their experience in this blog post by CEO Kat Dunn.

“If it was anyone other than StartSomeGood advising me on these matters, I am not sure I would have given their advice as much weight or credibility.”

“I certainly would have been less willing to extend my comfort zone and take the risks we did. I would advise anyone undertaking a crowdfunding campaign to make sure the trust between you and your platform-provider is strong enough to withstand the nerve-wracking times (obviously I recommend you just straight up use StartSomeGood!).”

Video interview with Kat Dunn from Grameen Foundation.

Check out the campaign.