Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to launch or grow a social enterprise or non-profit, raise funds for a cause or a creative project or fuel a grassroots movement for your community.

But the considerable majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fall short, often because of a handful of common mistakes. StartSomeGood has one of the best success rate in cause crowdfunding because of our emphasis on making sure people know how to avoid these mistakes and what to do to give yourself the best chance of success.

After working with thousands of projects over the past five years we know what works and what doesn't, and love sharing these insights and proven strategies for crafting and sharing stories that inspire support to groups of entrepreneurs, non-profits, community leaders and changemakers.

One of the key ways we do this is via workshops, which we would love to bring to your community.

We have two lengths of workshops – Introduction and Masterclass - both of which cover the top-level strategy, key misconceptions and our 5 Cs formula for successful crowdfunding: Clarity, Credibility, Communities, Channels and Courage. The masterclass has more time for group participation and goes deeper into the tactical details of crafting powerful stories and identifying the community you are seeking to connect with, and how to reach them.

Introduction to Crowdfunding: The Formula for Success

Length: 60-90 minutes

Cost: $1,000 + travel costs

Crowdfunding for Good Masterclass: Insights and Strategies for Success

Length: 3-4 hours

Cost: $2,000 + travel costs

The Introduction to Crowdfunding workshop can also be delivered as a webinar for a non-place-specific community.

What people have said about our workshops:

“Your presentation was truly inspiring, I could have listened to you all day.”

"Thanks for the crowdfunding workshop. I've been to a number of panel talks on crowdfunding and none were as cohesive and generous as this one."

"I feel I have enough knowledge to confidently start my own campaign and I feel very lucky to be able to attend sessions like this!"

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