Pitch For Good

Pitch for Good is an exciting fundraising model that at its core enables communities to start good together.

By running a Pitch for Good event, you can combine the best of live pitch events with online fundraising. It is a great opportunity to build personal connections with people in the room, but also take advantage of online tools to go beyond geography and raise greater awareness for their work.

The impact of running a Pitch for Good event is that not only can funds raised on the night be doubled with the support of a sponsor, but they can be more than doubled again by leveraging the support of a wider online community.

Pitch for Good encourages anyone to contribute as a much or as little to a campaign as they can and share it around to their peers.


How does Pitch for Good work?

  • Attendees purchase tickets to a live pitch event

  • Upon arrival, their ticket price is reimbursed for $10 tokens which they use to contribute to their favourite project/s on stage.

  • Attendees have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with the pitchers, with the hope of going on to share their online crowdfunding link with their online communities.

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