TrashStock 2016 - Musik Artistik Plastik

Denpasar, IndonesiaTrashStock Festival

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Raised of €1,000 EUR

Successfully funded on Jun 26, 2016
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The virtual gratitude

We will send you a personalized "Thank you" email with summary of what happened during the event;


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Listen to TrashStock!

Thank you email + 5 songs from TrashStock live 2015 to download;
Sample right there !


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Listen to MORE TrashStock!

Thank you email + 10 songs from TrashStock live 2015 to download
Sample right there !

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The sticky one

All of the above
+ Postcard from Bali with the cover picture of the campaign
+ one of our awesome TrashStock Stickers!

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Trash your wall!

All of the above + 1 A4 print of a photography signed by the artist featuring plastic in a beautiful form

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The artwork's special

All of the above + A digital booklet featuring a selection of the most beautiful art exhibited at the festival, along with the artist's background information

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Wear TrashStock!

To what is listed previously, we will add the festival's t-shirt!

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The Ultimate TrashStock recognition

All previous items + your name announced by the MC !
2 possibilities only !!!

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Art Philanthropist

You just love arts and you are a generous philanthropist who understand the power of art and music to educate, the power of creativity to advocate about a dramatic issue.

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