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ONLINE SHOUT-OUT AND SUBSCRIPTION TO OUR NEWSLETTER - Your name will appear in a special thanks page on our website & you will receive our newsletter with regular project updates, including live updates from our work in Nepal this summer.

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BE A PART OF OUR MURAL (plus above reward) – Your name will be featured in a commemorative mural painted at our partner school in Nepal by local artists (a digital image will be sent to you).

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THANK YOU NOTE FROM A STUDENT (plus above rewards) – You will receive a personalized, handwritten note from one of our students expressing the impact of your contribution.

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TIES' T-SHIRT (plus above rewards) – You will receive a t-shirt featuring TIEs' original logo.

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ONE-OF-A-KIND-PHOTOGRAPH (plus above rewards) – You will receive an original, Polaroid-style photo from our photographer depicting the cultural and natural beauty of Nepal with a personal thank you note on the back.

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CAPSTONE PROJECT BOOK (plus above rewards) – You or an educator of your choosing will receive a printed compilation of our participants’ capstone projects. These projects will reflect their learnings and provide valuable insight about teaching strategies such as meditation, character development, and bilingual education.

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INVITATION TO OUR WEBINAR (plus above rewards) - You or an educator of your choosing will receive an invitation to our webinar, which we will broadcast live during our summer program in Nepal. Join our American and Nepali teacher participants for a discussion on culture, teaching methods, and their experiences in our program.

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SKYPE CHAT WITH TIES' DIRECTORS (plus above rewards) – You or an educator of your choosing will have the opportunity to chat with both TIEs’ director and the founder of our partner school in Nepal, a Buddhist nun with over 20 years of teaching experience - a terrific opportunity to gain new cultural insight and perspectives on education.

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CLASSROOM CONNECTION (plus above rewards) – TIEs will establish a “pen pal” relationship between a Nepali class and an elementary or secondary class of your choosing (it could be your own class if you are a teacher). The two classes will get to know each other through interactive media, i.e. letters, emails, and Skype chats -- a great intercultural learning opportunity! We will match the class you chose with a Nepali class as close in age as possible.

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