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TIA Watermark

For only $5, you will keep our editorial team at their desks for yet another month. You will receive a unique limited edition watermark to enhance your social media profiles. The TIA watermark reinforces your social media backgrounds, while enabling you to claim the individuality of www.thisisafrica.ME brand. Stand to be counted, download your watermark right NOW!

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TIA Filter

For only $10, you can keep our day to day operations running for another 6 months. You will receive a unique, limited edition downloadable social media filter. With two options to choose from (Grey or Red), you can personify the online experience and paint the internet with the Pan-African pride! This one is highly recommended for all of us who are proud of mama Africa. Stand out, wherever you are, download your filter right NOW!

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TIA Members

For only $50, you can keep the platform running for 12 months. Draw back the curtain and become a member of our TIA loyalty program and receive a monthly digest specially curated by our editorial team. For 12 months, you will have online access to the editor's pick, e-books and our published anthologies. You will receive priority invites and access to our online and offline activities whenever TIA stops by a city near you. This level is highly recommended for TIA diehards, claim your membership right NOW!

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Humans of TIA

For only $100, we can provide more audio-visual content for up to 12 months. In return, you can pitch a story that will get featured on our fresh site under the segment: Show us your Africa through written or visual stories of creativity, culture, tradition, life & style, architecture or the clash between the old guard and the new. By claiming this prize, you become the pulse of the African narrative, reshaping preconceived notions by shedding light on the diversity of African identities. This level is highly recommended for storytellers, content creators or enthusiasts who want to be part of something bigger, so claim your story spot right NOW!

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Pan African KANGAS

Philanthropy can be stylish yet functional! For $200, you will activate our merchandise revenue stream that could essentially keep us running for 12 months. You will receive a limited-edition African print Kanga (sarong; a large rectangular length of fabric) also known as The Talking Cloth of the East African Coast. This multipurpose garment is enhanced by a wide variety of African proverbs and quotes, and a combination of beauty and utilitarianism.

It can be used as body/head wrap, scarf, ideal for picnics, road trips or easy weekend wear while preparing to serve brunch. For our fashionistas, this is the must have accessory. For decor enthusiast, it is the perfect throw that adds character to any space. This one is highly recommended for our nostalgic folks in the diaspora, you know yourselves so claim your KANGA right NOW!

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Africans Rising PROFILES

For $500 our editorial team can keep running for 12 months, while keeping our website free from commercial ads. This way, we can focus on profiling transformative stories of enterprises that sustain a perfect balance between profit, people and the planet. By claiming this prize, our editorial team will work with you or the enterprise you nominate, to connect to opportunities for publicity, new clients, investment and growth.

For 1 week, your story will appear on top of our Africans Rising segment, a category that highlights entrepreneurship fetes, dynamic solutions for social change, technological advances and everything in-between. This one is recommended for all the change-makers out there, all who strive to illustrate the acumen of Africa's youth and her people. Book a spot for yourself or nominate someone doing great work but lacks the visibility, RIGHT AWAY!

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The Philanthropy PARADE

For $1,000, we can keep going for 12 months, while furthering and growing your organization’s mandate. We are looking to secure 100 individual or corporate partnerships that demonstrate disruptive and impactful philanthropy and/or corporate social responsibility. Your banner/logo gets featured on our platforms for 2 weeks, while an interest piece (1) and a feature article (1) will be posted on our fresh site. This level is highly recommended for individuals and/or organizations that would like to cultivate meaningful connections with potential customers. Book a spot for yourself or nominate an organization that is doing great work but lacks the visibility, RIGHT AWAY!

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The Bulls EYE

For $5,000, we can deliver an interactive animation segment for 12 months. In return our editorial team will convert and repurpose your marketing collateral into a 60 second animation that will set you apart - like a buffalo! We will throw in targeted and segmented marketing and share with you analytics from our platform to better improve your product placement. Your product will be featured on our highly engaging social media platforms for 1 month. Furthermore, an interest piece (1) and feature article (1) will be posted on our fresh site. This one is highly recommended for innovators or products that seeking honest insights, so claim your spot TODAY, not tomorrow!

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TIA Wall of FAME

For $10,000, you can keep our editorial team and operations running for 6 months. You can make this a once-off or regular annual donation. By claiming this prize, you will join our WALL OF FAME, and your logo will be included in the footer banner of our fresh site for 6 months. Regular supporters will receive a star ranking that eventually grows into co-founder status at 5 stars. You become part of our membership club that has a wide array of benefits. Together we will transform the future of Africa through authentic, unbiased and inspiring African stories, so book your star on the wall RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

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TIA Advisory Board Member

By investing $50,000, you become one of two members needed to complete our advisory board. Not only will you keep us operational for longer, you will also watch and advise us as we evolve into the premier media house on the continent, by this continent, for the African continent. Your guiding hand will be useful in bringing us closer to this grand vision. Don't think twice, this is where you belong, so join us TODAY!

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