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El Grito (Mexican shout out) !!

Our loud 'Mexican grito' thanks, on our website and shed facebook page and shed instagram. We can also place a link to your site.


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The Intern - o

Receive one of the following wearables:  t-shirt, apron or library bag all designed by formidable UTS: Shopfront Design Team, cinco. This multicultural team came to visit with us on the farm for a couple of days, and these marvellous designs emanated.
Limited edition.

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The Refrescante

The refresher:  Come join us on the farm for morning or afternoon tea (for 2). Nominate what suits.
If you are in the beautiful South Coast, come and join us for a cuppa - but Book in !!


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The Rancho Special

A wearable of your choice and an arvo or morning tea (for 2). Book in !!

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The Rancho Breakfast stay

Stay at ours overnight and get a sumptuous brekkie (for 2) - but not over Christmas - the family is coming to stay !!

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The 'good shed' foundational

Delivery of a 3- hour Design Thinking workshop to your staff - works off the same creative process as our good shed program, but tailored to your 'break down the barriers,' need/s.

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El Viva el Sponsor

Sponsor logo on marketing material, delivery of 3 hour foundational workshop to your organisation or any provider of your choice.

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El Jefe Rancho Boss

Partner, main logo sponsor, delivery of three day workshop, including foundational and three sectors of choice. A come visit and stay overnight for sumptuous Mexican cooked dinner and brekkie (for 2).

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