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Fundraising ended on Apr 30, 2019
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The Self-Love Pack

This pack includes one DignifyPouch and a sticker. Australia-wide shipping is included.


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The Limited Edition Pack

Get in quick! Be the first of 20 pledgers and you get The Sister Pack 20% off at $35.

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The Sister Pack

We have partnered with the amazing Gitbox Organic! This pack includes two DignifyPouches, two boxes of Giftbox Organic tampons, and stickers! Australia-wide shipping included.

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The Girlfriend Pack

This limited edition pack is great for sharing amongst your girlfriends or gifting it to someone special. In this, you get heaps of awesome things from us and our amazing partners! This pack includes four DignifyPouches, four boxes of Giftbox Organic tampons, YUMM! Confectionery chocolate, a Mr Coffee's product, stickers, and a handwritten thank you from us at The Dignify Project. This incredible pack is especially for our local community, so you'll need to be able to pick this one up in Brisbane.

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Partner With Us

If you are really passionate about what we do, partner with us! Your contribution will help hundreds of women and girls around Australia. As one of only eight partners, you'll be featured on our website and our socials and be kept up to date with all things The Dignify Project as we grow our movement.

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