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Successfully funded on Feb 13, 2016
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It all starts with a simple juggling ball! Thanks for being part of this. We'll add your name to the Honour Roll on


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The spinning plate is the kid's favourite! Thanks heaps for getting involved. We'll add you to our Honour Roll and give you a shout out on our facebook page Serious Fun in Yangon.


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Flower Stick

Another favourite of the kids in Yangon! Thanks for joining the project. We'll add you to Honour Roll, give you a shout out on facebook, and send you a high resolution photo of the kids in action.


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Hey they love those rings in Yangon too! Thanks so much for getting behind this. We have a special spot on the Honour Roll for you, a big shout out in social media, and send you shots of the kids as they progress.


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The kids are tossing the diabolos higher and higher! What a valuable contribution to the project, thanks! As well as everything above, we'd like to offer you a 30 minute juggling lesson, either in person or via skype., Everyone needs to have fun!


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Rola Bola

The art of balance itself! Thanks so much for taking part in this project. We offer you our deep gratitude, a featured spot on the Honour Roll, and sincere thanks said in your name at the Swedagon. And a 90 minute juggling workshop for up to 10 people. It may take a while but we will get to you, We travel a lot!

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