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///// TURNIP THE BEETS ///// Download the full, 12-track album of the world's most successful ecological electroswing ukulele band; the Formidable Vegetable Sound System. Their debut album is not only a collection of ridiculously catchy songs, but also promotes solutions for sustainability deep into your consciousness without requiring you be a complete mung bean. + You'll get your name on our supporters page.

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//// FOOD HERO BADGE //// Turnip the beets + your grower profile on RipeNearMe will display a never to be repeated badge for all to see, proving that you planted the seeds for change, and are a true ultra-local food hero.

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///////////// ACTIVIST ///////////// Turnip the beets + food hero badge + an exclusive eBook by Wagtail Urban Farm & RipeNearMe (The Benefits of Growing Native Foods), + Posters as digital files that you can download and print + 25 door knob hangers - "do not disturb" style - posted to you (add $10 for non-Australian addresses) to leave on your neighbour's door, tree or cat (let's them know they should list their produce to share on RipeNearMe).

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PERSONAL CONNECTION Turnip the beets + food hero badge + activist + meet with us in Adelaide (or online via video call) for a personal, 1/2 hour, one on one chat. Talk about your local food project, give us feedback about what RipeNearMe can do better to help you, and/or shoot the breeze.

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///// ADOPT A TREE ///// Turnip the beets + food hero badge + activist + we will plant a food bearing, perennial plant in a public place to make a new food source for all. We'll map it on RipeNearMe, attribute the tree/plant to you and post updates of your plant's progress bi-monthly for a year.

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/// BE THE IN CROWD /// Here's your chance to be part of history. If you're part of an existing food swap, community garden, or similar group of 6 or more members you're invited to participate in the creative process that shapes RipeNearMe user-groups. You and your members will be invited to provide feedback and feature requests as part of the design and development process, and get early (beta) access to user-groups. Get 6 or more of your members to pool purses, and you're in!

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//// CUSTARD APPLE //// The first custard apple off Alistair’s tree. Painstakingly hand pollinated every morning for 2 months, lovingly nutured for 6 years, and now proudly growing not 1 but 5 beautiful fruits. Alistair would not give this up for just anybody. We’ll publish an article and featured photo of you picking and eating the custard apple, with Alistair crying in the background. Get to Adelaide at your own expense.

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YOU ON OUR HOMEPAGE Turnip the beets + food hero badge + activist + your profile picture (can be your face, produce or anything else within reason) will popup over the trees on our new homepage, and will link to a special page dedicated just to you where we say really nice things and everyone is happy. Oh, and we'll link to your RipeNearMe profile. Photos will display exclusively for 1 month, then alongside our produce icons for 6 months.

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YOUR BIZ EXPOSED You're an edible landscaper, seed supplier, food blogger, or related food/gardening business owner. We'll create a highly visible feature for you on our supporter page, including your logo, a link to your site, and up to 100 words of text about your service. We'll also post a shout-out about you through all our social media channels, and include you in our featured supporters email at the completion of our campaign. Your business will need to be complementary to our users and platform - ask us if you're not sure. Approval at RipeNearMe's discretion.

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DINNER WITH COSTA Turnip the beets + food hero badge +activist + share a meal with the one-and-only Costa Georgiadis, host of ABC's Gardening Australia, and 5 of your friends (6 people in total). You pick the restaurant (subject to approval - must serve fresh, local produce), and we pick up the tab for 3 courses and drinks. Here's your chance to get a once in a lifetime chat with a true local food hero, ask questions about your garden, and learn the secrets of the beard-iverse.

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1/2 pg MAGAZINE AD Your biz exposed + a full length, featured article about your business, blog or service on RipeNearMe's blog + a 1/2 page advertisement in the next issue of Pip Permaculture Magazine (subject to approval by Pip Magazine to ensure your objectives are in line with their editorial objectives - contact us if you're not sure).

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// MOBILE APPS // Got big pockets and a smartphone? This is the reward for you! Support us now and we'll start the process of developing a native mobile application for the platform of your choice (iOs or Android) as soon as this campaign ends. You'll be invited to provide feedback, feature requests and your opinion during the design phase. You'll also have exclusive branding opportunities within the app for 12months, for your food/garden-complimentary business or cause.

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