Return and Rebuild - A New Approach for Refugees

Kurdistan, Iraq1st New Allied Expeditionary Force


Raised of $35,000 CAD

Fundraising ended on Jan 31, 2016
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In the Know

We will keep you updated with our progress in the form of a weekly email and the developments of the project during our first phase visit.


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Hanin - Site Report

We will send you a personalized email with developments with Hanin and pictures of her progress.


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Hanin - Treatment

An extra ten dollars will directly assist Hanin's treatment with services from a dermatologist and the medication she need to avoid secondary infections. We will include a newsletter and pictures that follow her improved health and spirit.


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The Best Patch EVER

Some like it colorful while others prefer discretion. We have both desert camouflage and the bold and proud colors of Canada. PLUS, you are added to our mailing list and get a weekly update and great pictures of the people and families we meet while in Kurdistan.


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The Best Tee EVER

Same as it ever was...In either Desert Camo or Canadian Cool, we offer our Limited Edition Tees in the same color scheme. While the Camo is just that, the more colorful picture of our logo is presented in organic, preshrunk 100% cotton with a small logo over the heart and a large picture of the logo in the back and the shirt number. Get it now -- with only 350 like it being made, these shirts will not last long. PLUS, you are added to our mailing list and get a weekly update and great pictures of the people and families we meet while in Kurdistan.

Sizes S-XL

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Coffee with Ian

Ian, founding Brother of 1st NAEF will meet you for coffee to discuss the situation in Kurdistan and address any questions you have regarding the refugees. This reward can be offered for those in, or willing to travel to Ottawa.

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Inside Kurdistan

Ian will come to your place of business and give a one hour presentation on the developments with Middle Eastern refugees and address how every effort we make to address their long term stabilization also effectively combats radicalization. This reward can be offered to those in Montreal, Toronto, or Ottawa only.

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Bon Voyage Party

The Founding Brothers will be hosting a gathering and a press conference before departing on the first mission. We will invite you and one ( 1 ) additional person to attend the function where we will be inviting a host of celebrities and members of our parliament.

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Etched In Stone

A beautiful piece of Newfoundland granite will be etched with the name of the donor and our motto, "Exemplum – “Be the change you want to see, Be the help that others need, Be the example”. + Plus, your choice of two of the above rewards.

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