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RwandaAfrican Renewable Energy Distributor


Raised of $10,000 USD

Fundraising ended on Mar 15, 2017
28 supporters


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Foto on Supporter Poster

Your Picture on the “Shiriki Hub Supporters” Poster which will be published in our main office in Kigali and shared on Facebook and Social Media.


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Foto & Name on Poster & Facebook

Your name on the Poster and on Facebook– just like the above and your name will be part of a "Thank You" note below the pictures and your name will be tagged (if you agree and send us your Facebook name) when the Poster is published on Facebook.


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Personalized Postcard

Personalized Thank you postcard send to you by Post and/or digitally + all of the above

990 left

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Postcard & Video

“Franchisee Postcard” You will get a personalized postcard with a picture of one Franchisee who you directly support and be mentioned in a Thank you Video by the CEO. Your donation will be used to cover all starting expenses for this franchisee
+ same reward as for 10USD

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Solar Lamp for you or as a donation

“Solar Aid” Solar lamp: You will receive the great “Sun King Pico” solar lamp ( . It can be delivered to you or you can choose to donate it as well to children in need in refugee camps. + You will receive the reward above.
Can be delivered to your home in Europe and in the US.

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Stylish 3D Print of SHIRIKI HUB

Really cool 3D Printed Model of the Kiosk – Really cool + the reward above

Can be delivered within Europe and the US.

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Your "own" Kiosk Movie

Partnership for one Kiosk & Franchisee – You will get a personalized video of the CEO and a franchisee
+ Postcard & Video Reward (see above)

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"Superstar" Meet & Greet in Rwanda

SHIRIKI TRIP (1 person incl flight* + 2 days hotel and customized tour) + Dinner + reward above

* Economy class, total flight cost limited to 1000 US$

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Your Company as official sponsor of the SHIRIKI HUB on our website and promotion material (e.g. movies, posters) + the award above