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Successfully funded on Apr 18, 2012
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A heartfelt thank you! Plus the happiness you receive from supporting a technology that will revolutionize the future of parent-teacher communication and ultimately lead to higher student academic achievement.

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Get a free app for yourself when we launch to App store in April, or gift it to a teacher + Name on our Supporters List on Website

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10 notecards with Dash logo + all of the above

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Join us for a fun-filled Dash Party in New Orleans + all of the above

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All of the above + Name Recognition on Dash marketing materials!

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T-shirt with dash logo + all of the above

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In the spirit of building relationships, the dash team will offer 2 hours of consultation in fields of our expertise: technology and education (e.g. tutoring in person or via Skype) + Free App + Name Recognition on Dash Marketing Materials

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The ultimate dash gift basket (including t-shirt, notecards, free app, and some fun surprises) + Named as a Patron on Website

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A framed collage of the Dash product creation process, signed by the founders, and all of the above

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Private dinner with dash team at the New Orleans restaurant of your choice

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