Build a playground for a poor village in Belize!

Arenal Village, BelizeHans A. Wagenhaus

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Raised of $4,000 USD

Fundraising ended on May 18, 2017
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Get a village tree named with your name

with a donation of just 10 US$ we would name a village tree with your name - pin a name tag to the tree and add a "smiley"


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get listed in our river

Our kids would paint one river stone with your preferred color and with a waterproof pen write your full name and sink the stone in our river. In approximately 1000 years scientists would find these stones and have some wild speculations about the cause of these named stones, so that even in 1000 years people would speak about you :-)


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get a cooking lesson to learn how to make tortillas, empanades andnachos in the village

you could visit us at the village within a time period of 2 years (ending on June 30, 2019) and would get a private cooking class to learn how to make tortillas, empanades and nachos

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Local lunch in the village while visiting

if ever you would visit we would offer a very nice local lunch in one of the villager's houses - local food, hand-made and very tasteful! expires after 24 months - June 30, 2019

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Recognition on the that we would re-install on June 30, 2017

we're about to re-install the website, publish our actual and future projects and would publish your name on the homepage for a time period of 2 years with pictures of the realized project and (if you like) with a photo of you :-)


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5 days/nights stay in the village with full meal plan

stay of 5 nights in the village with meals within a family, drinks and being part of the village life in Arenal (valid 2 years till June 30, 2019

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