Kick It Like Lira

Heidelberg, GermanyDana Roesiger

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Fundraising ended on Jun 06, 2019
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Immense gratitude and appreciation!


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A big thank you for supporting us! We'll need a crowd cheering us on and adding your voice will help to create a bigger movement!


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Be one of the subs

Thanks for being part of our team! By supporting us on the Subs Bench, we'll name you on our social media shout outs to say thanks!


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You’ll receive an even bigger thank you and a digital #kickitlikelira poster from our goalie Kim, Martina or Janina!


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A huge thank you, a digital #kickitlikelira poster from our defender plus a digital download of the videos promoting the campaign!


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In addition to our endless gratitude we’ll send you a limited edition of the official #kickitlikelira T-shirt.

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Thanks for supporting our dream! We couldn't do this without you, so we will dedicate a post just for you on our social media accounts. And your logo or name will placed on one of our public posters in Heidelberg

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You’ll receive the digital version of #kickitlikelira photogalerie and you'll get a signed photo from Lira Alushi and we'll name you on our social media shout outs to say thanks!

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Sponsor the pitch!

Ever wanted your name on a digital soccer goal or a human kicker? Sponsor our fun-kit for the opening day on June 7 and we will place your name or company logo on the whole kit.

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Present the Trophy!

You will be profiled as gold sponsor on our website and we will ensure to recognize your support in our media work and give you regular shoot outs on our social media! On top we will arrange a photo shooting with Dana in Heidelberg!

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