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The Friend

Thank you! For contributing $50, we'll send you an Awareness Network bumper sticker so you can show your support!


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The Advocate

Thank you for your incredibly kind and generous contribution! To say "thanks," we'd like to send you an Awareness Network water bottle or tote bag. Your choice!


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The Super Advocate

$250? You must really care about mental health advocacy. Thank you! We'd like to say "thank you" by sending you an Awareness Network tote bag and Awareness Network water bottle. We will also name you on our website as a "Super Advocate."


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The Financial Founder

By giving $500 to this campaign, you will be listed as a Financial Founder of the Awareness Network and your name will be displayed on our website and other official documents. You will also receive an Awareness Network tote bag, water bottle, and bumper sticker.