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Niger Delta Region, NigeriaPeter Igberaese


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Fundraising ended on Aug 25, 2020
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You will receive our awesome updates and will be front and center in our Hall of Fame on our website as a massive thank you for believing in us!
Estimated delivery: September, 2020

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Support the idea of helping the low-income farmers with input credit! You will receive a farmer group photo t-Shirt showing thank you symbol from the farmers. Shipping not included.
Estimated delivery: October, 2020

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Super Early Bird Supporters

This level is for those who get in quick and want the best deal! Get 6% annual value of your contribution donated to any charity cause of your choice for two years and help kick off our launch. You also get a special “early adopter” badge t-shirt. Shipping not included.
Estimated delivery: May ,2021

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Very Early Supporters!

You get the 6% value of your donation for the next three years for charity cause of your choice. Reward includes t-shirt, Hall of fame, you will be included on our exclusive cluster farm hall of fame, and we’ll listen to your input, and send you exclusive updates. Shipping not included.
Estimated delivery: January 2021

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Branded Special!

We know you love our farmers. We will make sure your name is branded and one of the phases in the cluster farmer named after you. Receive 7% annual value of your donation to charity cause of their choice for the next five years.
Estimated delivery: October, 2021

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Big Spender!

You will not only get one of our amazing 7% annual worth of your donation to charity cause of your choice for the next five years, but you will also meet the team and have a tour around the major clusters of farm within the region. All this and a wonderful meal at our favourite restaurant. Flights are not included, but a great conversation is!
Estimated delivery: October., 2021

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