Help women break a football world record!

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, United Republic ofEqual Playing Field


Raised of $45,000 USD

Successfully funded on May 22, 2017
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Be a Fan!

Thanks for being one of our fans! We’ll need a crowd cheering us on and you adding your voice means so much to us!


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Be one of the subs!

Thanks for being part of our squad! By supporting us on the Subs Bench, we’ll name you in our social media shout outs to say thanks!


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Be the team photographer!

Thanks for making our dreams a reality! We appreciate the support, and will give you a shout out on social media, and send you a team photo after we make a new world record to say thanks!

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Buy us some hiking kit!

Thanks for helping us look great! In return, we’ll give you a shout out on social media and send you a limited edition t-shirt so you have the winning look too!

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Fill our medical bag!

Thanks for helping keep us healthy and safe! We need your support to get the medic team up and fill their kit bags. We’ll give you a T-shirt and a video thank you from Mt Kilimanjaro!


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Be the ball-boy!

We need plenty of balls for our training sessions and crossbar challenges! Buy us a ball, and we'll sign it and send it back to you when we're record breakers!

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Buy us some kit!

Buy us the shirts we'll play in and we'll give you a signed, record-breaking shirt from the kitbag from all of us to say thank you! (We'll wash it first!)

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Own the Match Ball!

We couldn’t break a world record without a ball! In return, you’ll receive one of the actual match balls*

*We’ll be taking three in case any fall down the mountain! We’ll also profile you on the website and give you shout-outs on social media.

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Bring the Referee!

We don’t always like them but in this case we LOVE them! Sponsor one of our referee squad and you’ll get a signed photo of the ref, and your name or company logo on her official referee kit! Buy all 5 and we’ll place your logo on the whole kit! We’ll profile you on our website too as a key sponsor.

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Sponsor the pitch!

Ever wanted to name your own pitch? How about an Guinness World Record breaking pitch? Our temporary pitch will be named by you! *subject to final approval.

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Present the Trophy!

We’re looking for company sponsors who will support our challenge and be profiled as a gold sponsor on our website – we’ll ensure we recognise your support in all our media work and in the documentary credits and give you regular shout outs on social media! We'll be happy to come to speak about our challenge at events after we're record breakers!

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