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A thanks from Dorje on his blog (Dorje's Dooing)

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A post card signed by one of the kids from the school you are helping + everything above

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A Doma (a ceremonial reading of the scriptures/ritual chanting) conducted by Nawang Palten (Dorje's younger brother and a Tibetan Buddhist monk). We'll send you an audio recording of the ceremony + everything above

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Your name on a plaque of supporters that built the school + everything above

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A drawing with private message by one of the kids from the school you are helping + everything above

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Skype in with a class & teachers from the school + everything above

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Photo series detailing the construction of the fishery, the school and playground, complete with happy faces + everything above

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A video of a special puja conducted by Nawang Palten (Dorje's brother and a Tibetian Buddhist monk) for you personally, the type of puja will be determined in consultation with Nawang

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Tasty Treats from Mustang Dorje's ancestral home. You get a pack with Dried Apples, Timbur (Szechwan pepper), and yak chhurpi (

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A one-hour Skype chat with Dorje to talk about freedom through education + anything else.

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This amount will cover the total cost of building a playground. We'll name the playground after you + send you a video of kids playing in the playground.

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VISTING NEPAL: A tour, guided by Dorje personally, for 2 days & 1 night to Sindhupalchowk to visit the school you are helping + everything above

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Name a classroom after someone that inspired you to freedom through education + everything above

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