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Be a's fan!

Become a proud supporter of the’s cause. We will thank you on our Facebook and website.


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Sponsor a storybook!

Of course you will get a big "thank you" on our social media. Besides that you can become the proud sponsor of fun-to-read comic storybook about Nature, from the "Why?" or "Science Up" series.


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Sponsor an encyclopedia!

Besides a big "thank you" you can become the proud sponsor of colourful encyclopedia of environmental knowledge published by National Geographic.


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Greetings from Bali!

On top of being a sponsor of a few books, you will receive your very own postcard from Bali, hand written by the's team.

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Skype with us!

We will be happy to setup a private chat session to explain what we do in detail, about our past projects or anything else you would like to know! Of course it means that you are also sponsoring a lots of books! + the postcard

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Sponsor a set of storybooks!

You will be the proud sponsor of a set of comic storybooks of Nature from the "Why?" edition. A lot of ecological knowledge there! Of course you'll have the opportunity to Skype with us and will receive your postcard :)

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Hand stamped tote bag!

Get our signature reusable textile tote bag with hand stamped Indonesia's endangered species. You can choose either rhino, elephant, tiger, orang-utan, turtle, coral, irrawaddy dolphin + you sponsor a set of books + Skype + postcard

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Patron an entire Eco-library!

Make your name a legacy! That level of reward will make you the proud sponsor of an entire Eco-Library! Around 50 amazing books that will make kids fall in love with Nature! And of course tote bag and postcard will be also yours and we will talk to you on Skype.

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