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Successfully funded on Jun 29, 2014
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UNWAGED MEMBERSHIP - Become a member and supporter of Earthworker and the new worker controlled cooperative movement.

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EARTHWORKER MEMBERSHIP - Become a member and supporter of Earthworker and and the new worker controlled cooperative movement.

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SOCIAL JUSTICE DONATION - Give to Earthworker's Social Justice Fund and your pledge will help put a heat pump and hot water tank in low income housing. You will receive a thankyou card and shout out on social media.

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COMIC POSTER PRINT - Poster print of Sam Wallman's comic about Earthworker and the cooperative worker's movement.

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SOLIDARITY MEMBERSHIP AND DOWNPAYMENT - Become a member of Earthworker and you also can use this a downpayment for a solar heat pump and hot water tank

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EARTHWORKER SCREEN PRINTED HOODIE - Ethical Clothing Approved, Australian made hoodie in a range of colours and sizes with the Earthworker woodcut screen printed on the back and our leaf logo emblem on the front. Keep warm and show your support for Earthworker.

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GREENBAN TOUR OF MELBOURNE CBD - This is an illuminating tour of Melbourne's CBD as you've never looked at it before. Dave Kerin takes you through the history of how much of Old Melbourne was saved from rapacious development by BLF greenbans.

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EARTHWORKER LIMITED EDITION WOODCUT - Original woodcut, carved and printed by hand on archival paper with a thankyou and individually numbered.

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FRIEND OF THE CO-OP AND DOWNPAYMENT - Get serious about getting a solar hot water system with an Earthworker membership, hoodie and poster and your pledge counting as a downpayment.

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SIGNED ORIGINAL EARTHWORKER COMIC - Original artwork in archival framing signed by Sam Wallman. The comic is about Earthworker and the co-operative worker's movement.

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SOLIDARITY PLEDGE - our heartfelt thanks, a thankyou card and shout out on social media

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BOLT-ON SOLAR HEAT PUMP AND TANK PACKAGE- Get your own solar hot water system, save money, energy and help us build a co-operative future (installation not included).

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INSTALL A COMPLETE HOT WATER SYSTEM IN LOW INCOME HOUSING - A contribution at this level will see a solar heat pump and tank installed through our Social Justice Fund, saving up to 3/4 of a standard hot water bill. Help us build social justice through the workplace and in the community.

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AN INTIMATE EVENING - Let the talented musicians and cooks in the Earthworker collective show our thanks by throwing a dinner party in YOUR house. We'll clean up too.

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EARTHWORKER CHAMPION - a handwritten thankyou letter, our everlasting gratitude and your choice of one of the previous rewards.

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