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North of ChiapasThe Sacred Earth Project: CHUJULBU LUM


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Fundraising ended on Sep 13, 2013
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Thanks for helping us. We send a shout out to you on facebook!

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Thank you! This kind donation we will send you a Mayan bookmark made especially in Palenque.

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For this kind donation we will send you a lovely tea towel made from local fabrics.

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This generous donation will recieve a recycled notebook made by hand by a group of Indigenous women.

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Again, a massive thanks. We will give you one of the recycled notebooks (as above) and some locally handmade earings.

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This fantastic donation will get you a tradition Tzeltal or Ch'ol handmade blouse. Thanks!

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For this donation you wil get a pyrographyartwork of the Mayan King Pakal.

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This very generous reward will get your the complete traditional womens Tzeltal outfit (skirt, blouse and belt). Thank you!

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