Hands Up to Make a Difference

AdelaideChange Day 2015


Raised of $19,000 AUD

Successfully funded on Sep 30, 2014
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// Thumbs Up // Shout out & love on social media. We are so grateful for every dollar you contribute to this campaign.

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// High Five // A handwritten "Pledge It" postcard & a shout out and love on social media.

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// Hands Together // We want you to be one of the first people to receive our special edition cotton short sleeve t-shirt, designed by Nigel Tocher especially for this campaign. We will include a secret handwritten message just for you inside the sleeve. Watch out for a special mention on social media too.

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// Hands Up // We want your hand on our 'Hands Up' Wall at the http://changeday.com.au. We're aiming to collect 300 "pledgepics" from all our Hands Up supporters. Every pic helps us show the world the wildfire of support we have. We will express our gratitude for your contribution by including your pic - simply make your contribution and then take your #pledgepic and post on Instagram with the hashtag #changedayaus and mention us - ( on Instagram we are Change Day 2015). We also want you to have our special edition t-shirt with lots of love and a secret message.

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// Fist Bump // Your name will be mentioned as a treasured supporter in our Firestarter e-news, plus a special edition Pledge It cotton t-shirt and your #pledgepic featuring on our Hands Up Wall. You will also receive your very own cotton Pledge It t-shirt, with a message handwritten just for you.

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// Mexican Wave // For this reward one of our team of health leaders will do something a little bit crazy/brave (but tidy and lawful) & tweet the photo. We're thinking wigs, tutus, hoola hoop dancing - we're not thinking of high wire acts :) You get to decide. Plus a shout out on social media and on our website; your #pledgepic on our Hands Up Wall and your very own special edition Pledge It cotton t-shirt, with a special message and your #pledgepic on our Hands Up wall.

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// Hands On // Our wonderful Change Day supporters at Seated Massage will come to your office (capital cities only) & offer 3 hours of 10-15 minute massage sessions at your desk. What a treat for everyone.

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// Give the Bouquet // Your name/logo will appear on each of our Firestarters (e-news) as a wonderful supporter of Change Day 2015. Plus your #pledgepic on our Hands Up Wall and a shout out on social media.

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// Standing Ovation // Your name/logo will feature as a sponsor of our road trip and we will be sure to mention you on our website and on social media. Plus your #pledgepic will appear on our Hands Up Wall.

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// Bring Down the House // Your name/logo will be credited as the sponsor of one of our short youtube videos, which you will be invited to appear in. Plus lots of mentions on social media and your pic/logo will appear on our Supporters Page. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

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