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$15.00're so nice! Donate $15 or more and receive a HUGE hug, a handwritten thank you card, and a detailed report of our trip to Ethiopia with our Next Steps Action Plan!

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Gosh! Cool! For this donation you'll get the above, be listed as a Friend of P2P supporter in the marketing materials for our first projects, and be a recipient of the Supporters Only Blog detailing our progress on the trip...kind of like being there with us!

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Certainly this deserves a little something more. In addition to all of the above, you will be receiving a handwritten and addressed picture postcard mailed from Ethiopia from me to you!

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Really? Wow! You will receive everything from above PLUS video footage of our work in Ethiopia. The video will include interviews with members of the P2P team, footage of the facilities we visit, our interactions with public health officials and institution administrators, gorgeous vistas, and moving interactions with the beautiful people of Ethiopia!

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Amazing. You're amazing! I'm really gonna have fun shopping for a little Souvenir for you in Ethiopia! I don't know what its gonna be...could be coffee, could be a little woven dish, maybe even a handwoven scarf from the Former Women's Firewood Carriers Guild...they're beautiful! It'll be fun! Of course you will also receive everything else from above.

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Whoa! I'm blown away and really moved by your support! I definitely want to bring the feeling of Ethiopia home to you! Please accept a beautifully framed large format, signed, original photograph taken by our Videographer/Photographer as a humble thank you for your support. You will receive a selection of shots from which to choose your special photo. Everything else from above will be coming your way as well.

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Are you kidding me? You will receive a beautifully framed Certificate of Appreciation, signed by the highly esteemed, P2P Founder, Dr. Enawga Mehari in addition to everything above.

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Holy Moses...I'm not sure I can breathe! Would you please join me for a private traditional Ethiopian meal so that I can present you an additional gift created by an Ethiopian artist and lovingly brought home to you, plus everything else from above.

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