Travel to Brazil: A Local Cookbook Project

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Successfully funded on Jun 21, 2020
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Thank you!

You will be thanked publicly in a social media post, and we will send you a 2 PDF recipe cards with recipes that will be in the book, as well as give you early access to instructional videos our recipe testers will be making.


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Nosso Amigo

Our Friend!

You will receive the above, plus a digital version of the book for download.


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Nosso Parceiro

Our Partner!

For this amount, you will get all of the above, a thank you in the print version of this initial special edition book, and a copy of the book! Shipping is already included for orders that mail to the continental United States or within Brazil.

We will ship to any other country at cost of shipping (which is to be determined).


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Um Bom Amigo

A Good Friend!

Buy a book, give a book. You will get all of the above, plus one more book at a discount, to gift someone else. Shipping will be to just one address, so you can personally gift your friend, or we will ask for an additional amount for shipping to a separate address.


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Nosso Parceiro e Cozinheiro

Our Partner & Cook!

You will get everything in the "Nosso Parceiro" category, plus a starter's kit, with non-perishable ingredients straight from Brazil, to get you started on creating your recipes. This will include Brazilian tapioca starch, beans, coffee, Brazil nuts and cashews, and a set of hand made wooden spoons all shipped from our local partners.

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Um Bom Amigo Cozinheiro

A Good Friend and Cook!

Get 2 kits from the "Nosso Parceiro e Cozinheiro" Category, so you can gift a friend a book and their own ingredient starter kit, while keeping another for yourself.

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