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A Personal Thank You Note...Our thanks for your support to help adoptees acheive equal rights!

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An Access Connecticut Wristband that you can wear to share the message of equal rights for adoptees!

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The Adoptee Survival Guide: Adoptees Share Their Wisdom and Tools. A wonderful book for any adoptee or someone who wants to know more about what it's like to be adopted. Thirty adoptee authors provide support, encouragement and understanding to other adoptees in facing the complexities of being adopted, embarking on search and reunion, fighting for equal access to identifying information, navigating complex family relationships with the latest technology, and surviving it all with a sense of humor.

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Lost Daughters: Writing Adoption From A Place of Empowerment and Peace. This anthology is a collection of writings by the authors of the Lost Daughters blog. Lost Daughters is an independent, collaborative writing project that was founded in 2011 in an effort to give an accessible writing platform for adopted women.

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The Declassified Adoptee Essays of An Adoption Activist by Amanda H.L.Transue Woolston, Julie Stromberg and JaeRan Kim. Throughout this book, readers bear witness to key moments in the unfolding of an adoptee from a quiet contemplator to an outspoken advocate for the rights of adoptees and their loved ones.

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A DVD of Jean Strauss's film ADOPTED: for the life of me. "What would it be like to never know who you were when you were born? ADOPTED: for the life of me follows Dave and Joe as they embark on journeys to find their origins. Their heartwarming sagas, with their unexpected and moving conclusions, illuminate the impact secrets can have over an entire lifetime."

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One Year Membership in the American Adoption Congress, a 501(c)(3) organization comprised of individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform. We represent those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity. We promote honesty, openness and respect for family connections in adoption, foster care and assisted reproduction. We provide education for our members and professional communities about the lifelong process of adoption. We advocate legislation that will grant every individual access to information about his or her family and heritage.

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DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA. Family Tree DNA is dedicated to helping genealogists find lost relatives when the paper trail hits a brick wall. Our service was created for the serious amateurs and the professional genealogists who wish to extend their family trees by confirming a link where no conventional source records exist.

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