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A thank-you note from the Founder on a handmade postcard by youth artists. These young boys come from our slum where the clinic operates and enjoy expressing themselves through art. This postcard project gave them a chance to paint their surroundings as they see them. A beautiful, original picture of our neighborhood sent directly to you!

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Earrings made by local artisans. Many women make and sell handicrafts for a living and sell at local markets. We'll send a pair of earrings directly to you! Support our patients' livelihoods!

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Necklace from a local artisan AND a postcard made by youth with a handwritten thank-you from the CEO. See previous reward write-ups for descriptions of our artists and youth.

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One 8 x 10 inch picture of the lively streets of the Mukuru slums painted by local youth AND your choice of local artisan jewelry. We will send you a selection of photographed jewelry to choose from and an original painting of our neighborhood signed by the artist.

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As a top supporter, we offer you the opportunity to have your name, organization, or short message engraved on a brick surrounding the top wall of our new clinic. In addition, you have the option to receive any two of the previous rewards.

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A set of three "Global Health Bracelets". Please see our blog for the full story on how we are recycling expired female condoms and turning them into an outreach campaign raising awareness about the importance of safe sex and checking expiration dates! ( All supporters at this level have the opportunity to be featured wearing their bracelets on our blog.

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