"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"

Lindome , SwedenJosefine Steenari

2,400 kr

Raised of 30,000 kr SEK

Fundraising ended on May 30, 2018
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100.00 kr

I will share pictures from the hiking up and from the top at Kebnekaise. I will post the pictures on Facebook and on Instagram. I can email it to you if you email me and ask for it as well!


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200.00 kr

I will write a post on my facebook page and thank you for your donation!


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"Autograph" ;)
800.00 kr

I can't write as you know, but I will send you a picture of me, signed by me (when someone holds my hand I can write with the help of them)

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Mention in media
10,000.00 kr

I will mention your name in Media in interviews

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Your name on my team
20,000.00 kr

My whole team will have your name/your company's name shown clearly when we go up to the top, either on a jacket or a bag.

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30,000.00 kr

If you donate the whole sum I will tattoo your name on my wheelchair and carry you with me all the time (except when I am sleeping (:)