Join A Feel Good Film From Norway: Horse Powers

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Friends of the Fjords

We'll send you an email thank you note and list your name on the films website as Friends of the Fjords (Norway, of course!) and for helping with post-production by getting this film ready for broadcast : Website: We'll also email you a Vimeo link to screen the one-hour made for television film ahead of the television broadcast premieres.
Reward : Spring 2018.


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Post-Production Assistants

Prior reward plus we'll list your name on the film's rolling credits as Post-Production Assistants


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Friend of the Veteran II

Prior rewards plus we'll send you a Horze baseball cap (see cameraman Phil photo) and a personalized thank you letter with a photo of the Norwegian War Veteran Nico Dreyer, his email to keep in touch, and your name on TV film credits as Friend of the Veteran II. (Friend of WarVet 1 brought Nico over to WarHorse in New York during filming for horse 'connections' together with US war veterans) This was a magical time for the film crew, the veterans & we think for the race horses too;-)

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Friend of Saratoga WarHorse

Prior rewards include film credits plus we'll send you a Saratoga WarHorse cap and T-shirt & a personalized letter from the founder of Saratoga WarHorse Bob Nevins thanking you for your support of Horse Powers featuring WarHorse along with a photo of a WarHorse helping veterans.

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Associate Post-Producers

All prior rewards and you'll get a Horse Powers Crew lightweight jacket- see photo on summary (perfect to wear to premiere) plus receive 'Associate Co-Producer' credits on TV film and web-site just below Executive Producer. VIP invitation for you to the premiere of Horse Powers in the U.S. (Saratoga) or Norway (Savalen). Late Spring/Early Summer 2018. Transport not included.

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Executive Producer

All other rewards with 'Executive Producer' top listed credits on the film and on film web-site. 2 Horse Powers Crew lightweight jackets, VIP invitation for you plus a guest for film screening premiere with accommodations included for 1 night at hotel in Norway (Savalen) and horse drawn carriage ride through the location where a lot of the filming was done or in USA 1 night hotel for 2 (in Saratoga, NY) Hosted by WarHorse staff member and Horse Powers producer for premiere screening including a tour of the WarHorse Foundation, the Saratoga track and the horse racing museum.

Note: All of the War Horses helping war veterans are off-track/retired thoroughbred race horses. Late Spring/Early Summer 2018. Transport not included.

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