Turn Poverty into Power for Zulu Women Farmers

San Francisco, South AfricaZulu Education and Empowerment Foundation



Raised of $10,000 USD

Fundraising ended on Jan 01, 2016
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Power Player

Regular updates from the Zulu Education & Empowerment Foundation about our progress and your name added to our website

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Power Walker

The above reward plus we will send you a copy of Nelson Mandela's inspiring autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom

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Power Connector

The above rewards plus an invitation to Skype with Pat Walker or Sizani Ngubane about the project

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Power Girls

In addition to regular updates about the project and the book Long Walk to Freedom we will send you a 12 X12 print of one of our favorite Zulu women by artist Renee King

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Power Girls Plus

Artist Rene King has offered to contribute a painting to each donor who contributes $1000 or more. Thank your for your generous support of this important life-changing project.

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