The Zorgos Project

OaklandKristen Caven and Oakland Parents Together


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Fundraising ended on Nov 25, 2015
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Thank you! Your contribution will help send 4 books to Oakland.

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"Got Zorgos?" sticker sent to you in an envelope, and an email subscription to The Zorgos Reader

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Signed copy of "The Bullying Antidote" (paperback) plus shipping, a sticker, and a subscription.

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"Got Zorgos?" T-shirt plus a book, shipping, stickers & subscription (indicate t-shirt size)

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A walk-and-talk around (Oakland's) Lake Merritt with the Author/s (bring up to 4 friends), plus one signed book and t-shirt (indicate size), stickers and a subscription.

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10 "Got Zorgos?" t-shirts for your Reading Group (indicate sizes), plus some extra stickers and a subscription.

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Author visit to your (Oakland area) Reading Group plus 10 t-shirts and extra stickers

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Author presentation at your (Oakland area) school for parents and students to launch a Big Read (books free, t-shirts not included).

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