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Whitianga, New ZealandWilderland Trust



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Successfully funded on Sep 17, 2013
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A personal thank you from the Wilderland team filled with love!

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Lucky dip! You may get a pack of open pollinated seed, feather earrings, honey lip balm, a hand-dyed paper wallet or beeswax candle, all handmade at Wilderland.

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For this level of commitment we'e created a limited edition calendar featuring beautiful images of Wilderland, including that view of the estuary which we all know and love.

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New styles for such a generous donation! A beautiful crocheted woolen hat made of upcycled wool, lovingly crafted by the lovely ladies of Wilderland.

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For this immense display of support you will recieve an invitation to the launch party of the new Visitor House, featuring performances by J-Fiddy, Cat and Sock and the Psychedelic Spaceship

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Not only will we invite you to the launch party but you will have the honour of being the first guests to stay in the new visitor house for a weekend retreat! With delicious organic meals provided :)

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