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Any contribution of $10 or more will make you an official backer! We'll list you on our website under a supporters section and you'll receive all the exclusive backer updates plus our sincere gratitude.

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For every contribution of $25 or more we'll give you a shout out on our social media platforms thanking you for your support.

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Receive a 1st edition Überfoods T-Shirt with our logo and slogan, "Grow your own fÜd!"

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Get a T-shirt and a shout out on our social media platforms!

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This is for our local supporters. If you are within 100 miles of Miami, we'll deliver a box full of organic produce from Seasons Farm Fresh directly to your home or work. Everything in the box will have been grown locally and freshly harvested.

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We'll bring you a T-shirt with your box of organic produce directly to your home or work. Must be within 100 miles of Miami.

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Receive an autographed commemorative poster signed by the entire Überfoods team.

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We'll put your name the banner that hangs during all of our demonstrations at community events and farmer's markets to highlight your support.

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Contribute $600 or more and you're invited to our launch party in Miami. Come meet our team and have a good time with us! More details TBD.

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You're invited to our launch party and get a box of fresh, locally grown organic produce from Seasons Farm Fresh!

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Wherever you live, we will send you a DIY kit with all of the prefabricated pieces need to easily assembly your own EcoGarden with our instructions.

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We'll come build you a fully functional model of the EcoGarden. This automated garden will be an improved version of the prototype in our video. It's perfect for effortlessly growing a few greens and small vegetable varieties. Must be in the continental US.

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Upon developing our final product, we'll come to you wherever you are, and set you up with automated garden custom built for your needs, geared with all the automated measurements and organic waste source of your choosing.

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