Second Chance Partnership - Give a Second Chance

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Raised of $15,000 AUD

Successfully funded on Dec 22, 2020
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"I gave up three coffees for this!"

For the cost of three coffees, you'll be helping Parramatta Mission help someone who can't afford a coffee.
Plus you'll score a spot on our Hall of Fame honour roll where we list the name of all our amazing donors. (Unless you want to remain anonymous)


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"Look, I'm Famous!"

Drop $25 in our campaign and we'll name a product after you! (or if you want to be anonymous, we'll call it the 'Anonymous Tee').


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"Let's go 50/50"

For a $50 donation, we'll give you a $25 discount on your first purchase from the Second Chance collection.


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"Sock it!"

Drop a Jolly Green Giant ($100 note) on the campaign and you'll pick up a pair of Conscious Step Socks Box Set.

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"Summer Lovin Packs"

This reward will have you looking sa-weet this summer with a pair of Woodhoy Sunglasses and a cap from Rushing Hour.

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"The Swag Bag"

In this reward you get:
- Resuable straws
- A candle
- Pair of Socks
- Face Mask
- Cap
All in a reusable tote!

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"Let's Launch, Baby"

You just got your name on the door and an exclusive invite for you and friend to the Second Chance Launch party!

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"Dinner Is On Us!"

For one night only, you, us (the TH team) and a yummy dinner to say thanks. (Don't worry, it won't be Maccas, we promise!)

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"The Corporate Box"

In the Corporate Box you will find:
- Your business name on the website for 12 months
- Inclusion in the order insert that gets sent with every purchase
- Social media shoutout

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"Our Second Chance Partner"

Ideal for a corporate organisation, this reward will get you:
- Joint branding rights on the website.
- VIP day where we will take you to meet the crew at Parramatta Mission and Avenue and see first hand the journey of a donated piece of clothing.
- 5 Tickets to the launch party.
- Parramatta Mission representative available to speak to your organisation about the work they do and the difference you made.
- Your choice of 5 Swag Bags or 5 Summer Packs.

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