Take the Plunge: Help RMHC Buy New Toilets

SeattleRonald McDonald House of Western WA and AK

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Raised of $5,000 USD

Successfully funded on Apr 11, 2014
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Overflowing with Gratitude: Receive updates about RMHC and the progress of our Take the Plunge campaign

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Porcelain Pride: Receive an "I Give to RMHC" sticker

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Honor Roll: Receive RMHC temporary tatoos

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Straight Flush: Mentioned on our social media and opportunity to tour the House if you are local

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Royal Flush: A special thank you note from the kids and an opportunity to get your picture taken on our Ronald bench if you are local

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King of the Throne: Framed thank you from the kids and staff and an invitation to family dinner if you are local

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