Special Olympics Road Trip

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Successfully funded on Jun 30, 2019
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Join our Honour Roll

Thank you! Your contribution means a lot. We'll publish your name on The Special Olympics Road Trip Honour Roll (unless you'd prefer to remain anonymous), plus we'll keep you updated on our exciting journey.


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Hydration Station

We'll send you a Special Olympics Road Trip drink bottle to help you stay hydrated when you're working out.

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The Roadie

You'll get a Special Olympics Road Trip hat and a drink bottle showing your support for this GREAT project.

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The Send Off

This donation will see you receive an invite to a morning tea with our athletes before they embark on an incredible journey. There will be excitement and even a few nerves and you will get to be a part of it – meet the athletes, listen to what they’re going to achieve on this journey and feel proud to have contributed to such an inspirational program.

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Sponsor an Athlete

For $500 your contribution sponsors a Special Olympics Athlete to go on tour. This will ensure they have the preparation and support they need to participate fully in community engagement activities on the road trip. We'll send you a high res photo pack with 10 images from the tour to show you the impact of your generous sponsorship.

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