Rebuild a House Destroyed by Sept 2017 Earthquake

Santa Cruz Cuautomatitla, MexicoBrigada Santa Cruz

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Raised of $120,000 MXN

Fundraising ended on Jun 24, 2018
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The Loving Heart

Thanks a lot! For your loving heart, you will get listed on our social media page and have our many thanks! 🙏


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The Good Heart

To thank you for your MXN $500 donation, in addition of being listed as a contributor on our Social Media page, you will receive an email with a thank you GIF.


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The Great Heart

In addition of the perks of the Good Heart, you will receive a photo of the house with the family once finished.


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The Philanthropist

You're amazing! In addition of all the above, you will receive a short thank you video from the family and the team!


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God of goodness

We thank you so much for your help! you will get all of the above plus some pictures of the opening celebration! thanks again for your goodness