Human Trafficking Survivor SafeHouses

Charlotte, United States Of AmericaESC Staff


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Fundraising ended on Feb 14, 2016
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The Bread & Butter Crew

You guys help cover the basics, like toothpaste in the medicine cabinet, food in the fridge, the water bill paid, & sheets on the beds. We'll stretch your $15 & turn it into the basics every safehouse needs to survive, especially this one. We love you guys! And we'll prove it by sending you a small but special surprise in the mail to show our appreciation.


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The Essential Giver

Putting 'changing lives' in the hands of those with small bank accounts but huge, huge hearts.
You'll receive a personal thank you note from ESC, & be kept in the loop of what's happening in the local fight against human trafficking throughout the year so you know how your support is doing good out there in the world.


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Safehouse Activist

You will receive a bag of goodies from ESC which will be sure to improve your life & impress your friends. All will revere you for the activist you have now truly become.


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Primary Safehouse Donor

We will place your name on the SafeHouse registrar as a Primary Donor for our ESC Safehouse. You will be known & revered by all the current Safehouse staff & placed on the Prayer Board to be prayed for regularly by ESC Lead Team. You will also receive a personal bag of goodies from ESC.


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Safehouse Sponsor aka ESC Rock Star

You will have almost singlehandedly helped ESC prepare for the launch of its 2nd local safehouse - And thereby played a role in the life of each of its residents numbering an average of 75 survivors each year. Throughout the year you'll receive letters from ESC safehouse residents personally expressing gratitude for your role in making their freedom possible. Lastly, at a swanky ceremony later in 2016 you'll receive one of our ESC Philanthropist awards for your unique role in the movement to help end human trafficking on the local front