Pure Water For Kantchari, Burkina Faso

Kantchari, Burkina FasoAnnelies Van Bunder


Raised of €25,000 EUR

Fundraising ended on Jun 11, 2018
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Come and visit the project!

Everyone who donated to our cause can certainly come and visit the project, you just have to contact us and surely we can arrange something!


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Community recogniztion

A public meeting will be held in Kantchari where all the people who donated will be read to the people


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We'll send you a photo of the tank via email with alot of happy people on it too :)

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A Thank You

We'll send you a video of a person there getting water from the fountain and thanking you personally (saying your name).

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Your name at the fountain

Your name will be written on the wall where the faucet will be installed. People will be constantly in line here all day long so you'll be famous when your hairs turns grey :)

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Your name covered on the tank

For a large donation, your company/name will be written as large as possible on the water tank where we have room for 5 names. People will walk past this tank and read the names everyday. We'll do our best to get as much as recognision as possible!

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