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Social Entrepreneur


If you are a social entrepreneur or represent a social enterprise, claim this reward and we will publicly thank you and tag you on all of our social media channels. (Limit one time per entrepreneur/enterprise.)

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Tea that heals, connects, and transforms communities


Claim this reward for one box of tea of your choice from Storehouse Tea. Organic and Fair-Trade teas and ingredients sourced from an ethical supply chain and staffed by refugees and recent immigrants. Storehouse Tea doesn’t hire people to make their teas, they make delicious teas to hire people. Only available in the United States. Find out more at

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Spice Things Up with Fair Trade Kampot Pepper


Claim this reward to receive one 50-gram bag of Fair Trade Kampot Black Peppercorns from 50 Million Meals! Every purchase goes to support a growing Fair Trade network in the Kampot region of Cambodia, and during Covid-19, 50% of all sales revenue is being donated to local food banks. Find out more at (Only available in the US and Canada)

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Experience phenomenal coffee


Claim this reward for one bag of coffee of your choice (up to $20) from La Terza Coffee. La Terza sources their coffee beans ethically and sustainably, partnering with small, authentic farms and estates. They know where every bean comes from, and they ensure that each farmer and worker is paid a dignified, fair trade wage. Only available in the United States. Find out more at

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$15 online store credit at HALF UNITED


Feed. Employ. Sustain. Claim this reward to get $15 online store credit (when you shop before Dec 31st) at HALF UNITED. Fight hunger and look fabulous! Find out more at


$25 off at World For Good


Claim this reward for $25 off your next purchase at World for Good! By purchasing World For Good bags, you support the creation of meaningful employment and basic rights for women world-wide at risk of, a victim of, or a survivor of human trafficking. Learn more at (Only available in the US and Canada)

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Join the Alliance!


Claim this reward and we will add you as an individual SEA member for one year with full access to our platform, resources, and Slack community. Welcome to the Alliance!


Rock Out for Social Enterprise


Claim this reward to score a free music lesson on Care2Rock's 1-on-1 live lesson platform, with vetted expert teachers! Feed your or a loved one's creative side in an age of social distancing. Every lesson supports a child in foster care with free lessons. Find out more at

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Take your marketing strategy to the next level


Claim this reward for a complimentary marketing strategy session from Belle Detroit. Belle Detroit brings your mission to the forefront of your message through copy, design, and brand strategy that engages customers, donors, and employees. Find out more at

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Embrace a Career of Meaning + Problem Solving


Claim this reward for a complimentary 30-minute session with Zach Weismann, founder of MAG Collective, on finding your impact, your passion, and building a career of meaning and problem solving! As the Founder of MAG, having worked at one of the largest financial firms in the world, one of the largest foundations in the world, and numerous start-ups, Zach knows what it means to find your footing, to find your product market fit as well as your own purpose-impact fit. Find out more at

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Ten Steps to the Perfect Pitch + Coaching


Claim this reward to enroll in the "Ten Steps to the Perfect Pitch + Coaching" bundle provided by WVS Coaching & Consulting! The perfect way to jumpstart your (or someone else's) social enterprise. You'll start with Raising Capital 101, then download the guidebook to design your pitch, then schedule a 1:1 coaching session with coach Paul Wright. Find out more at

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Make virtual learning a breeze!


Claim this reward for an Initial Coaching Kit from Oak Tree Learning Center, which includes 30 minutes of program evaluation and two free downloadables. Great for parents, digital coaches, and school program administrators! Learn more at

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Become One of the First Certified Social Enterprises in the US!


Claim this reward to start the process of your organization becoming one of the first Certified Social Enterprises in the United States! Partner with Society Profits and join the leading edge of a movement to establish a common standard for what it means to be an American social enterprise. Learn more at (Note: Average cost of certification is $500. Offer only available to organizations based in the US with less than $1 million in annual revenue. Passing the certification process is not guaranteed, but Society Profits will work with you to meet the standards of becoming a Certified Social Enterprise.)

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Champion of the Next Economy


Anyone who contributes at this level will receive the following: - One annual individual or organizational membership with SEA - One round of social media blasts on SEA's channels - Two tickets to attend SEA Summit '21 - Four hours of social enterprise coaching+consulting (for yourself or someone else)

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The Total Package for Social Entrepreneurs


Claim this reward to get access to everything you need to launch your social enterprise or take it to the next level! This package includes: - One annual individual and organizational membership with SEA - One round of social media blasts on SEA's channels - Social enterprise certification by Society Profits - Ten Steps to the Perfect Pitch + Coaching bundle by WVS Coaching & Consulting - 5 hours of additional social enterprise coaching and consulting - Two tickets to attend SEA Summit '21

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