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Net proceeds of all book sales are going to my charity partners (helping to end child marriage or developing young leaders around the world) but 100% of this one will go to those good causes. I’ll pay the platform fee. I'm eternally grateful for your contribution.


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Digital Version

You'll receive a digital version of Right Seat, Right Table (in suitable format, Kindle, ePub etc.). The direct, practical and no-nonsense guide for aspiring board directors that will fire your ambition to be the best director you can be!


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Paperback Version

When it comes to books, I think old school still has something to offer. So, you'll receive a printed copy of Right Seat, Right Table: An Outsider's Guide to Securing the Ideal Board Role.

+ please add $10 postage and handling (anywhere in the world)


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Buy 1, Gift 1

Do you think someone else would benefit from a copy of the book? You'll receive TWO paperback copies so you can gift one. You are a good person!

+ please add $15 postage and handling (single address, anywhere in the world)


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Limited (Collector's) Edition

This is something special which also ups the charity fundraising. You'll receive a beautifully presented hardcover copy of Right Seat, Right Table; signed, personalised and hand numbered. Only 100 of these will be produced.

+ a digital version for reading, so you can keep the collector’s one in mint condition :-)
+ receive 10% off any Future Directors program or 1:1 coaching with me
+ FREE postage and handling (anywhere in the world)

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Multiple Copies (x10)

Do you have a small team of talented people, or are you are an executive coach looking to support the careers of your clients? I recommend buying multiple copies at a nice discount.

You’ll get TEN paperback copies of the book, “Right Seat, Right Table”

+ please add $35 postage and handling (anywhere in the world)


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Kickstart your Board Career

Are you ready to launch and grow your boardroom career and want to go beyond the book?
Get my kickstarter kit.

You'll get a paperback copy of the book, “Right Seat, Right Table”

+ 60 minute one-on-one coaching session to help you accelerate your journey
+ BONUS online course (valued at $165)
+ Support from the Future Directors community
+ BONUS digital version
+ FREE postage and handling (anywhere in the world)
+ $350 towards any further Future Directors programs or coaching with me (i.e. get your money back!)

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50 copies + free workshop

Reward your community, people or clients with the gift of knowledge AND then gather them together for a 90 minute masterclass, where I’ll delve deeper into the practical and/or aspirations learnings from the book.

You’ll get 50 paperback copies of the book, “Right Seat, Right Table”

+ 90 min workshop with me (not including travel and accommodation)

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The Ultimate Board Accelerator Experience

This is amazing value at only $300 per month!

You'll receive:

Collectors Edition of the Book
+ TWO paperback copies to gift
+ Make Me a Board Director program (valued at $1,500)
+ SIX months of 1:1 mentoring and coaching with me

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Bespoke Masterclass

Full day masterclass for as many people as you can pack into a room.

I’ll bring myself, a panel of guest speakers and an experience to help your people kickstart and accelerate their non-executive careers, boost their skills, their networks and make you look good whilst doing it.

+ BONUS eBook versions of the book for every participant
(if you want printed copies instead, let's talk!)

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Sponsor my podcast for a year!

Ok, nothing to do with the book but why not?!

Would your business like to sponsor my podcast, Boardroom Hustle for an entire year. We could even CREATE A NEW ONE together.

Reach thousands of leaders and non-executive directors around the world with a minimum of 25 episodes that will never be deleted. The podcast would be available via the Future Directors website, iTunes, Spotify and more. You’ll get a shout out before and after each episode, you can be a guest (or nominate one) and I’ll throw in some books too.

The money will go towards promoting the podcast to our mutual audience. However, I do have the right of refusal just in case our brand values don’t align…

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