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ResilientReef - a VR game for reef conservation

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Early access to the game


Be one of the first to play the game, help us shape its direction and watch how it progresses thanks to your support. Your name will go into the credits at the end of the game


Behind the scenes documentary of the making of Resilient Reef (plus the game)


Making a game that stays true to the ecosystem dynamics of a complex underwater environment isn't always the most obvious thing to do, especially not when it's in VR. This mini-doco tracks 18 months of brainstorming, sweat, tears and a lot of laughter as our small team work together to produce a game on a shoestring budget and lots of goodwill. Come along for the ride as I convince Lewis that this can be done, and he is converted to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.


The game & VR "cardboard" headset


Along with a link to the game itself, we'll send you a snazzy compact and durable VR headset to get the full VR game experience (check out the pics to see what it looks like, the guy wearing the batman shirt is using one).


A turtle pack (because who doesn't love turtles!)


Support us and we'll support turtle conservation by sending you merch from Cairns Turtle Rehab centre plus some amazing pictures from our favourite underwater photographer.


Add your favourite fish to the game


We'll add your favourite fish to the game by designing and modelling the species of your choice! You'll also get a link to the game itself and the headset so you can find your personalised fishies (Nemo and Dory already included!)


Nominate your fav reef conservation group


You get to decide on reef conservation group that you think should be a recipient of the game's in-app micro-donations, as well as any include threats and threat management systems relevant to that conservation group. You'll also get a link to the game itself (plus the headset) so you can support your chosen conservation group by playing the game.


Join us for a weekend in Cairns


See the reef like you have never seen it before, through our eyes, and with our wonderful partners who live and breathe the reef. Over 2 days, we'll take you on a day trip to the reef, private snorkelling tour with your own marine bio (Ali), and discover the game and its inner workings with Lewis. The second day we invite you to come meet the Turtles at the rehab centre and join us for a personalised marine biology at Reef Teach.


Sponsorship kudos & amazing karma


For any major donations, we'll recognise your support as a major sponsor of this project. Your name will be added to the game's credits and you'll receive regular updates on the outcomes of the project, as well as a link to the game itself with the headset so you can see what you've helped support =)


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