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Help Our Social Laundry in Zlín, Czech Republic

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The Laundry's Little Helper


You're amazing! Thank you very much for your contribution towards saving the laundry. We're super grateful and will publicly acknowledge our supporters on our facebook page. :)


The Laundry Star


You're incredible! Thank you so much! In addition to feeling good, we will list all of our supporters on this level on a mural decorating our laundry.


The Laundry Master


You rule! Thank you very much for your help! We will send you a signed postcard from our city of Zlín and list your name on the mural.


Wolf of the Laundry


You rock! Thank you very much for your support! You get all of the above and an exclusive picture book of our laundry made for this campaign.


The Lord of Laundry


You're super cool! Thank you very much for your support! You get all of the above and a candle made by a local organization that supports people with disabilities.


The Infinity Laundry


You're awesome! Besides all of the listed above, you will get a personalized video from us and, if you ever find yourself in Zlín, we will give you a tour of our laundry!


Captain Laundry


You're our hero! Besides all of the above, we'll send you an original photographic print of the laundry.


The One Laundry Hero to Rule Them All


We have no words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have literally saved our business. On top of all of the previous rewards, if you ever come to Zlín, you will be our guest of honor and we'll give you a tour of the city and introduce you to the local organizations advocating for people with disabilities.


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