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Pirate Radio mixtape

50 kr.

We'll send you a download link to an album of tracks by Pirate Radio performers, to be released this spring.


Upcycled belt

200 kr.

We'll send you an awesome belt made from upcycled bike parts that you can wear around town.

43 left

Pirate Poster

200 kr.

We'll send you a handmade screen-printed A3 "Pirates for Culture and Community" poster in one of five anarchist colours: anarcha communist, queer, feminist, environmental/primitivist or pacifist. Choose your own adventure!

29 left

Pirate Poster Transparencies

400 kr.

We'll send you transparencies for the Pirate Poster, so you can screenprint as many as you like. Own the means of production!


Boat tour of Copenhagen

1,000 kr.

We'll take you on a subcultural sight-seeing tour of Copenhagen, talk counter-cultural history and point out places of interest. Get a different perspective on KBH, see the effects of gentrification on water and harbour spaces, and find the exceptions that are still finding a way to thrive.

9 left

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