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The Great Walk Of Peace: Walk For Forests

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Personal thank you poetry


You will receive a thank-you card with some beautiful poetry upon it. :)


Collection of Native Seeds


We will create a package of seeds for you to plant and grow in your local area. *WA wide

44 left

A Collection of Handmade Incense


We will send you a small collection of locally handmade incense!

17 left

Raw Handmade Chocolate


We'll send you a few delicious Homemade Raw Chocolates, made with love and quality ingredients!! We'll even give you a choice of flavours.

49 left

Native Seedling


We'll get you a seedling of a native WA tree, to take home, nurture, and give life to. *limited to Perth and the South West.

48 left

Combo Pack of 2


You pick any 2 from - Native Seedling Handmade Incense pack Raw Chocolates

47 left

Combo pack+


Take home - 1x Native Seedling 1x Handmade Incense pack 1x Raw Chocolates

34 left

Personal or Group massage


Choose between either a personal intuitive massage - (limited to Perth and the South West), or if you meet us anywhere on the walk, you will receive a full body massage from a loving, and giving group.

15 left

Combo pack + Massage


Receive both a combination pack of 1x Native Seedling 1x Handmade Incense pack 1x Raw Chocolates and a massage, as described above.

25 left

Stage Ohm


Be personally celebrated for your contribution on stage at the end of walk Concert!


Stage Ohm Combo pack and massage


Get it all! Be celebrated for your contribution, take home a beautiful gift package, and receive a personal or group massage. :)


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